Preparation for 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3

I passed the 70-480 few days ago. Preparing to taking this exam took me a chance to look back what I've learned about HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and also got something new. That was great chance. So today, I will help you to prepare for this exam.

As the title mentions, the exam will contain three parts HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. So let's go through each part.


  • New form input types. As you may know, HTML5 introduced some new input types to help developer easy develops a form with varied types. Such as type='email', type='range' and so on.
  • Semantic tags. New semantic tags such as article and section.
  • Local Storage. This is new feature in HTML5 and it's good replacement for cookie which is not secure and contain less data. We have localStorage and sessionStorage.
  • Geolocation. This is also a cool feature. You can get location of user who is using the web application.
  • Web Workers. A JavaScript running in background. This is not difficult but you need time to practice and understand it. This is a cool post for web worker.

That's all about HTML5 knowledge that you need to know to answer the exam's question. This summary is for those who already know about HTML. If you are new in HTML, you should go from first step.


  • flexbox. This is a new type of display CSS property. In the past, you use float or inline-block to display two or more div containers on a row. It helps the work done but it is not perfect. Now we have flex, this will help us styles easier.
  • shadow. This css property also include in the exam. You should take a look on it with the order of the values and what type of value as well such as x, y axis and color. We have text-shadow and box-shadow.
  • position. This is also a important property of CSS. Understand it deeply help you are able to control position of elements.
  • text-transform. It is quite simple.
  • -ms-grid. This is a Microsoft CSS property. It only works on IE or Micosoft Edge. But if you got time, you should find out what is this.
  • CSS Selectors. This is an interesting part. You can select element or go through its children and so on. Note that :nth-child will start with index is 1.
  • Default CSS values. I recommend that you should take a look on it. For example, default of div is display:block whereas span is display:inline. This is a difference of them.
  • Order applying CSS into page. We have user agent styles, author and user styles. Understanding the priority of them help us to use the right styles.
  • Animation. In CSS3 we can define animation for element without using any JavaScript code. There are also some properties help you achieve it transform2d, transform3d and transition.


You will take most time on it but it will be worth, believe in me.

  • Object. What is an object? How to create an object?
  • Prototype. What is prototype of object?
  • Inherit. It likes C# or Java, a object can inherit from a parent object.
  • DOM. If you have started web programming with JQuery, you may no need to know more about DOM because JQuery do it for you. But DOM is a base and it's important. You can go through with DOM Document, Methods, Events and more.
  • XMLHttpRequest. Before JQuery, we use pure XHR syntax to make an asynchronous request.
  • JQuery Ajax. JQuery Ajax has many options that are useful to work with ajax.
  • JQuery Selectors. If you master this you can easily control elements on page. JQuery Selector using CSS Selectors and its own selectors. Note that some selectors treat 0 as first index such as :even :odd and some treat 1 as first index :nth-child. example
  • Regex. It was quite complex to remember all rules of regex as the first time. But it was not complex as I think when I tried to learn it to get understand deeply. I found a tool that help us to test regex and describe what is inside a pattern.


If you study all things I mention above, I think you easy to get PASS for the exam and even you will consolidate your front end knowledge that is important, right? Hopefully you will master all of them and PASS the exam.

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